my journal of hamster babies

Day 4 - November 27

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babies 4 days old
Four days old—some babies will be dark and some will be white.

The babies' ears appear to have more detail developing. The dark spots where their eyes will be have become protruding bumps. I can see four white dots that will be teeth, two upper and two lower, in one baby's mouth. They still appear to be mostly made up of wrinkly soft skin, but tiny hairs have started growing.

The darkness under their skin shows that some babies will have dark fur. I don't know if it will be black or brown fur. Others are still mostly pink and will probably have mostly white fur, like their father. The squeaking of the babies is louder and more frequent. Pikachu carefully covers the babies with bedding when she leaves the nest. The babies usually are sleeping when she is gone. Sometimes, she gets worried when I'm shining a flashlight on the babies to see them and hurriedly runs back to the nest on top of the babies.

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