my journal of hamster babies

Day 6 - November 29

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babies 6 days old
Six days old—some babies are dark, some light, and some speckled.

The squeaking is getting louder and more frequent. The babies have found their voices. Pikachu seems very tired most of the time. I can't imagine 13 little babies needing milk and attention almost all of the time. It's no wonder that she is exhausted. There are four babies that will be mostly white, two or three look speckled black and white, and the rest look mostly black. I think that the black patches will eventually turn into brown fur, since neither parent has black fur.

The eyes are bulging out more and I can see a faint line across the middle, where the eyelids will meet. They like to bunch up together in a baby pyramid when their mother is not with them. Whichever baby is farthest from the middle of the pack is the one that is the squirmiest, with its little back legs pushing and shoving trying to get back in the middle of the pack. They like to sleep lying on top of each other. It keeps them warm and they feel safe together like that. But when Pikachu returns to the nest, they are quick to leave the huddle to grab on to mama for some more milk. Then there is a lot of squirming and shoving to find that perfect spot to nurse.

I tell the second-grade class about the babies and show them some pictures from a photo album that we made four years ago when we enjoyed another hamster litter. This is our fourth time having hamster litters. The other times the mother had eight, four, and eight babies. Each time at least one baby died. I hope that all of Pikachu's babies stay healthy.

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