my journal of hamster babies

Day 7 - November 30

babies 7 days old
Seven days old—their backs are covered with fur.

I can hardly believe that the babies are a whole week old. They are beginning to look like miniature hamsters. They have a little coat of fur now. They look mostly black, mostly white, or a mixture of both colors. A couple of the babies look like they have some brown fur on their faces. The females are beginning to show two rows of pink dots on their stomachs. Their stomachs have not grown much fur yet, so they are still mostly pink.

I give Pikachu some cooked mixed vegetables as a treat. She chooses to eat the cooked piece of carrot first. She then takes the green bean, corn, and pea to her food hoard near the babies. I can't believe my eyes when I see one of the white babies nibbling on first the piece of corn and then the pea. He seems to be chewing and chewing on the kernel of corn, which is bigger than his little mouth!

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