my journal of hamster babies

Day 9 - December 2

babies 9 days old
Nine days old—note the brown faces and brownish black coloring
on the dark babies. The "white" babies still look mostly pink,
with a little bit of white fur just beginning to show.

I notice that the fur has changed color on the dark-furred babies. The black fur is now blended with brown, for a blackish-brown color. Except for the four white babies, they all have mostly brown fur on their faces. A baby yawns and I see its pink tongue, which seems large in comparison to the rest of its mouth. I also see a baby with something hoarded in its cheek pouch. A baby or two occasionally seems to try to eat some food from the mother's hoard in the corner. I'm not sure if they are able to actually swallow it. Next, I see two babies eating their droppings. It seems disgusting, but I read in a book that it is normal for hamsters to do this. They can get more nutrition from eating something after it has passed through their bodies once. Adult hamsters do this too.

Pikachu heads up the tunnel to get some more food. As she leaves the nest, the babies fall off of her, one by one. That is, except for one white baby. She hangs on to her mom a little bit too long and is dragged part way up the tunnel. She finally lets go of Pikachu, but tries really hard to follow her mom up the tunnel. Her little legs just can't go uphill that well and finally she rolls back down the tunnel to the bottom and lands near her brothers and sisters. She happily crawls into the baby pile and goes to sleep.

I decide to do an experiment. I wonder if the babies will eat soft foods now. I put a small hunk of bread in the baby pile while Pikachu is elsewhere. At first one or two babies come over, then a couple more. Pretty soon over half of the babies are eating the bread. They eat and eat until it's almost gone. Then they form another baby pile and all go to sleep. I guess that answers my question about one thing they can eat.

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