my journal of hamster babies

Day 10 - December 3

babies 10 days old
Ten days old—this specked baby is about 2 1/2 inches long.

Pikachu is looking tired and scruffy. I keep feeding her extra treats, so she can get her strength back. There are so many babies that, I think, it's very hard on their mother. Pikachu goes upstairs to rest by herself. The babies are interested in the seeds, but I don't think their teeth are strong enough to chew them yet. I give them some bread and apple. They all swarm over the bread and devour it.

I decide to take a picture of each baby. I pick each one up by lightly pinching the skin on the back of its neck. First, I take out one white baby at a time and lay it on a piece of soft felt to photograph. I have to be quick, since the baby squirms and runs away while I am trying to take its picture. I check if it's a boy or a girl. It doesn't like being turned over on its back. He flips over while I'm trying to get a closer look. There are no dots on its belly, so it's a boy.

There are four white babies. When I put each one back, I try to make sure I pick up a new one, but it's hard to tell since the one I put back immediately snuggles into the pack. There are three white boys and one white girl. Next, I take out each speckled baby. I discover that there are actually four of those, too. There are two boys and two girls. Lastly, I take out each of the five brown ones. To keep from taking the same ones out, I put them back outside the nest. By the time I finish all five, the other ones have found their way back to the nest, even though they still can't see. Of the brown babies, there three boys and two girls. Altogether there are five girls and eight boys in this litter.

I give Pikachu and the babies some pieces of cooked carrot. The babies dig right in and really seem to enjoy it. Pikachu shares a piece with a baby. Then she decides to take all the carrot pieces away from the babies and puts them in the food hoard in the corner. I have no idea why. Most of the babies go back to nursing. One white baby decides to look for food and finds the piece of bread. He enjoys eating the bread while everybody else is drinking milk.

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