my journal of hamster babies

Day 11 - December 4

babies 11 days old
Eleven days old—a baby explores the tunnels for the first time.

Some of the babies look like they have small bald spots or pink patches on their skin. I hope they're okay. Pikachu leaves them alone a lot today, while she rests upstairs. The babies are eating more and more solid foods. When Pikachu leaves the nest, the babies scatter around inside, looking for food. There are some seeds around the edges of the nest and some in the corner. They use their sense of smell to find the food. One baby is able to climb a step up into the tunnel where his mother has just gone. But the tunnel is too steep after a few steps, so the baby turns back. If he is not able to find his mother, the second best place is in the baby pile, of course.

pikachus cage
Pikachu's cage—note the "upstairs" and "downstairs."

Pikachu decides the upstairs environment is better or safer, I guess, because she decides to live up there. She spends about half an hour taking all the food from the downstairs cage to the upstairs cage. Then she carries up five of the babies and settles in. The five babies are nursing and Pikachu is asleep. I look downstairs and see eight babies by themselves. I wonder if Pikachu is coming back for them later. She must be exhausted after carrying all that food and five babies up the long tunnel to the upstairs.

I decide to help Pikachu move the babies. I pick up one baby at a time by the scruff of its neck and put it in the upstairs cage by its mom. Pikachu seems unconcerned about me handling the babies and welcomes each baby as it arrives. Each new baby burrows down under its mama for a long awaited drink of milk. After all eight babies left behind are reunited with their mother, they go to sleep along with their weary mother.

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