my journal of hamster babies

Day 13 - December 6

babies 13 days old
Thirteen days old—it's getting crowded in here!

Some of the babies seem to have their eyes open. However, they still run through the circle tunnel with their eyes closed. It is hard to tell if their eyes are slightly open or still closed. There are two nests in the upper cage now, one in the corner and one in the middle. Sometimes there are two baby piles, one pile on top of their mother in the corner nest and one pile of babies in the other nest.

I give the hamsters a few mixed vegetables from our dinner. There are peas, carrots, corn, and green beans. Within 30 seconds, their noses lead some of them to the pile of veggies. Pretty soon it is a mixed veggie hamster party. One little guy takes a pea from his sister. Another lies on his back nibbling a piece of carrot. Two babies move away from the crowd, so no one can steal their food. In a few minutes all the veggies are gone.

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