my journal of hamster babies

Day 14 - December 7

babies 14 days old
Fourteen days old—four babies share a
piece of broccoli, while Pikachu watches.

The babies' eyes are definitely open now, but they don't keep them open all the time. I guess they are used to running around blind, so it doesn't really bother them not to see. They rely on their senses of smell and touch more than sight. They are still a little unsteady on their long thin legs right now. Sometimes, they just fall over as they walk along the bumpy nest. They don't mind they just get right back up and keep going.

I discover that the babies are using the tunnels for a bathroom now. Most of the food that Pikachu hoarded in the tunnels has been eaten or moved. I refill the food dish and place a second full dish in the cage. I wash out the tunnels, and put in some wood chips. When I reconnect the tunnels, Pikachu wakes up and suspiciously enters the tunnels where she discovers that someone has put new wood chips. Well, she will have none of that, she decides, and she pushes most of the wood chips back out.

I give Pikachu a piece of lettuce to distract her from the tunnels. She takes it from me and tosses it aside. She is too busy emptying the tunnels to eat right now. The lettuce lands near the babies. Pretty soon, four of the babies are munching the lettuce and two more are trying to reach it. I get some more lettuce from the kitchen for the rest of the babies. They sure do eat a lot for such little guys. A baby yawns and I notice how much bigger its teeth have gotten. The teeth have grown to about three millimeters long. I see why the babies are able to bite and chew hard seeds now. I notice that one is eating a sunflower seed.

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