my journal of hamster babies

A Brand New World

After a day or two, I decide to take Cammie out to play. First, I make a safe play area with a folding wire enclosure, a "playpen" of sorts. I put in some food and loose tunnels for hiding spots.

I won't try to grab Cammie to get her out of the cage, because I know that would scare her and she might bite. Instead, I give her a "safe" way out. I can let her crawl into a tunnel or other small container. In this case, I have a tunnel that is attached to a wheel on one side and a cage opening on the other. Cammie crawls into this tunnel to run in the wheel, and I carefully slip it off the cage. I put the whole tunnel, including Cammie, in the playpen and give her some time to crawl out.

At first, Cammie is very nervous. She sniffs and starts to come out a few times, but goes back each time. Eventually, she comes all the way out and begins exploring. I lightly touch her back. She doesn't react. I give her a soft pet. She's fine with that. Some hamsters are nervous at the slightest touch of a hand, but Cammie seems okay with it. That's a good sign.

floor time

"This tunnel doesn't seem to go anywhere."


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