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Cage Cleaning: How to Clean a C&C Cage

sanitizing the cage
Wiping the cage bottom and sides with vinegar/water solution

Step 3: Sanitize

Using the sponge and the container of vinegar/water, give the coroplast a good wipe down, paying particular attention to any particularly soiled areas. I like to use this opportunity to check for any necessary repairs to the cage, such as corners or connected areas that may need to be re-taped.

Step 3C: Guinea pigs (at least mine) do not like the smell of vinegar. Talk about curiosity killed the cat; well, curiosity about the vinegar FREAKED OUT the pigs (especially Piggles). They come up to sniff the sponge, but then run away as fast as their little legs will carry them! They sprint up the ramp and hide in the hayloft, while I scour the downstairs.

piggies exploring

As you can see in this photo, my guinea pigs enjoy exploring a clean, empty cage. I love to hear the pitter-patter of their little toe-toes as they follow each other around the bare floor.

On the far left is Pippi, our youngest piggy. To the right is Scruffles (in front) and Piggles (in back).


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