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Pigs and Friends

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1. Emma & Scruffles
peanut butter cup 1
2. Peanut Butter Cup & Scruffles
peanut butter cup 2
3. Scruffles & Peanut Butter Cup
4. Scruffles & Hermione
  1. Dec 2000 - Emma (left, with Scruffles) visited us a few times, during breaks from her fourth-grade classroom. Emma was shy but enjoyed sitting in this tin of food with Scruffles. Whenever Emma was out of her cage, she hardly moved a muscle. She was very easy to clip toenails for, since she stayed perfectly still. When Emma was a baby, we watched her for two weeks, and we tried to teach her to enjoy floor time, but all she learned was to hop back into her cage from the floor. She was very happy in her cage environment, and enjoyed doing mini-laps around her cage for exercise.

  2. Peanut Butter Cup (right, with Scruffles) was another visitor to our house in April 2001 when her family was on vacation. She was a little shy too, but enjoyed floor time with Scruffles and Piggles. Well, that is, until Piggles decided to boss her around a little too harshly. Despite her larger size, Peanut Butter Cup seemed nervous after that, so we gave her individual floor time. Peanut Butter Cup was also very cooperative for toenail clipping time (unlike our Scruffles and Piggles). She only liked carrots for treats, however, shunning anything else we tried to give her. I thought Peanut Butter Cup's coloring was very pretty.

  3. Another picture of Peanut Butter Cup with Scruffles.

  4. July 2001 - This photo was taken to show someone the difference between a hamster (Hermione) and a guinea pig (Scruffles). I especially like this picture, because Hermione and Scruffles have similar coloring, so Hermione looks like a miniature Scruffles.
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