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Making a Pig House


* Please note that all seams are ½” seams

1. Prepare the four flaps. For each flap:

a. Pin outside material to cotton material with right sides together.

b. Sew on three sides, as shown on pattern.

quilted material

c. Trim seams and turn out.

Sewn seam and trimmed seam -->

quilted material

d. Sew hook-side (rough side) Velcro strip where indicated.

Finished flap front and back -->

quilted material

2. TWO-DOOR only: Prepare door flap:

a. Pin outside and inside materials with right sides together.

b. Sew on 3 sides, where indicated on pattern, leaving top open.

c. Trim seams and turn out.

d. Fold top sides under on fold line and pin or baste together


3. Fold snap edges under at fold line (1/2”) and sew together. Note: “Snap edges” refer to any snap areas located on the edge of the pattern. There are 8 such areas altogether.


4. Securely sew four loop-side (soft side) Velcro strips on outside material, where indicated on MAIN PATTERN

snap tape v1

5. TWO-DOOR only: Pin door flap to outside material, where indicated, and then sew in place

snap tape v2

6. Pin 3 (ONE-DOOR) or 4 (TWO-DOOR) main house pieces together with right sides together and flaps inserted where indicated. Sew where seams (pink dots) are indicated on patterns (NOT snap edges); then trim seams. Note: To make sure everything is correct so far, you might want to turn it out to check, but before continuing, return it to inside out.


7. Attach snap tape where indicated, making sure that each edge will snap together with its matching edge. Take care not to accidentally sew flaps into seams. Sew; then turn out.


8. Top-stitch on outside material, where indicated (this is necessary to create compartments for the Plexiglas inserts).

cut cotton material

9. Cut Plexiglas to fit the five compartments: top, front, back, and 2 sides. I find it helpful to make cardboard samples to fit and then cut the Plexiglas to the size of each piece of cardboard. Otherwise it is too hard to make slight changes to the Plexiglas, once it’s cut.

cut cotton material


Insert pig and enjoy!

pigs in houses

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